Laboratory Services

Our 11,160 square foot laboratory contains designated areas for sample preparation, metals digestion, metals analysis, organic extraction, organic analysis, general analysis, microbiological determinations and Whole Effluent Toxicity testing.

Our Analytical Services group specializes in the analysis of Biosolids, wastewater and soil samples for biological, inorganic, and organic parameters and provides these services to the various Departments and Divisions of Metro Water Recovery. These include ensuring all monitoring requirements are in compliance with Metro’s NPDES discharge permit to the South Platte River.  In addition, all monitoring requirements are fulfilled for biosolids regulations.

Analytical Services provides support for Industrial Waste Pretreatment regulations, plant operations and special projects. Analytical Services also supports Metro’s Water Quality Division in projects such as Segment 15 and Segment 1A of the South Platte River, Coalition for Urban River Evaluation (CURE), Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir.  Over the past three years, the Laboratory has analyzed an average of 33,935 samples producing an average of 405,716 results per year, in support of Operations at two facilities and the programs listed above. 

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Metals ICP OES Optima 8300 Scaled
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Contract Services 

Analytical Services also provides analytical work for other governmental agencies, utilities, and universities on a contractual basis. Metro does not provide analytical services to the general public.  Please use our contact form on this page for further information, price list or a bid. 

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