Educator Kit

Our Educator Kit includes materials that detail the wastewater treatment process. Use the form below to request more information about age-appropriate classroom materials.  

Digestors and a Clarifier at the RObert W. Hite Treatement Facility
Digesters and a Clarifier at the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility

Teacher Professional Development  

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently evaluating options for 2021 courses.

We offer annual professional development courses titled Wastewater and Aquatic Biology and Wastewater and Renewable Resources for K-12 classroom teachers. Each class includes a tour of the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility and a field visit in the appropriate content area. Professional development graduate credit is available. See an example syllabi here:  

Teachers learning in the field
Teachers learning in the field.

Classroom Visits  

Due to COVID-19, we are currently unable to offer classroom visits.

Guest speakers are available for 45- minute classroom visit sessions within our service area. After viewing a short video detailing the wastewater treatment process, students play an interactive board game titled Wastewater Jeopardy. A maximum of three consecutive classroom visits can be scheduled during one school trip. Use the form on this page to schedule a classroom visit. 

Request a classroom visit by using the form below.

School room


Due to COVID-19, we are currently unable to offer tours.

Our 90-minute outside walking tours let you experience the sights, sounds – and smells – of wastewater treatment.

On a tour of our facility you will learn:

Learn the basic concepts of how wastewater is treated. 
See how microbiology, chemistry, physics and environmental science link to important environmental impacts & issues. 
Learn our responsibilities for the household products & chemicals that we use. 
Aeration basins at the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility
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